Family counseling can be a great way to help families get through difficult times together and help break down relationship barriers by learning communication skills for when life becomes challenging. The benefits presented by telehealth family counseling can present a new way for families to reconnect and receive counseling in a way that works for everyone.

Be More Comfortable With Telehealth

The National Alliance on Mental Illness reported: “Studies consistently reveal high satisfaction rates for children, adolescents and parents, often reaching above 90%. In fact, a 2013 study determined that telebehavioral health might be better than in-person care for children and adolescents because this age group often expresses an unwillingness or reluctance to participate in traditional therapy sessions.”

One of the biggest benefits of telehealth counseling is that it allows families to receive counseling in an environment where everyone is comfortable. Teens are more willing to open up in their own environment rather than an office or an unfamiliar setting. At home, they have access to the comforts that make them feel at ease.

Telehealth Allows for Natural Interactions

Since an office visit can be an intimidating setting for some, it only makes sense that a family’s interaction may not be as natural as it is in their home. If families are experiencing trouble interacting with each other due to behavioral issues, that behavior may not appear in an office as it might in their own environment. Both children and parents have the opportunity to act more natural at home, engaging in behaviors they might withhold in an office visit.

By observing clients at home, therapists can witness the behaviors that might be impacting the family’s relationship and then work to correct those behaviors within the setting where they are taking place.

Connect From a Distance With Telehealth

For families that need to heal together but aren’t physically together, telehealth can present new opportunities for connecting from a distance. Whether children are away at school, have moved out of the home, or are living with another parent, telehealth makes it easier for families living in separate households to receive counseling without the added stress of planning time to connect in one physical location.

Telehealth offers a unique opportunity for families dealing with co-parenting while divorced or families who have introduced step-parents or siblings. While these new family units may not feel comfortable gathering in the same space, telehealth can give them the chance to connect with a counselor in order to adapt and make the most of their arrangement.

Telehealth Allows for Privacy

Therapy can be an important part of facing the challenges of growing up but some kids still find it embarrassing. For kids who might be reluctant to leave school for counseling or are worried they will run into a friend in the office or on the way, telehealth can create a new level of privacy. When children have the ability to meet with a counselor or therapist in the comfort of their own home and on their terms, they are much more likely to participate in family therapy sessions.

Therapy Today’s telehealth sessions are HIPAA-compliant and secure so families can be confident that their privacy is secure when participating in telehealth.

Easier Scheduling

Telehealth makes it easier to schedule sessions at times that work for you and your family. Therapy Today offers same-day appointments so no matter when you need a little extra help connecting, we can help. If your family is interested in learning more or scheduling an appointment, reach out today and let’s get started.