Telehealth therapy has become a necessity rather than an option for many over the last few months, and the benefits of this emerging form of therapy are becoming more and more apparent. But while telehealth might make attending therapy sessions easier (now and in the future), it’s still an unfamiliar platform for many.

As we enter a world where telehealth therapy is the new norm, here are some tips on how to use telehealth so you can make the most out of your virtual sessions.

Telehealth Might Be Awkward at First (And That’s Ok)

If you have never used telehealth therapy before, it can feel strange at first. This awkwardness might make it feel like it’s not working. But don’t let that initial strangeness get you down. Communicating with a therapist virtually rather than in person may feel unfamiliar, so take that into account when you first start teletherapy.

To get past the discomfort, you might need to give it a little time. You’ll also need to make sure you’re being honest with your therapist about how you’re feeling. After a few sessions, you’ll know if teletherapy is suitable or if you need to look for other options.

Set An Intentional Space and Time for Teletherapy

Just like when you attend an in-person session in your therapist’s office, you should make sure the time you choose for your telehealth session is completely devoted to the conversation between you and your therapist.

When you’re at home, it’s easy to let distractions interrupt your time. You might be tempted to answer a question from your kids or get other stuff done while you’re in session. But telehealth therapy is still therapy and should be given the same considerations as an in-person session.

  • Choose a time that lets you offer complete focus. Try nap time, or ask your partner to watch the kids.
  • Find a quiet space, away from distractions; your office might make you feel like working, so try your bedroom.
  • Make the space relaxing. Light a candle, diffuse some lavender oil.

However you go about choosing your space and time for teletherapy, make sure you can be relaxed, open, and honest.

Use a Secure Telehealth Platform

At Therapy Today, we use for our telehealth therapy sessions. This platform doesn’t require any downloads and is HIPAA, GDPR, PHIPA/PIPEDA, and HITECH-compliant, meaning it meets medical and safety regulations. We care about your privacy and safety and want you to feel comfortable with the platform you use, so we encourage you to ask as many questions as you need before your first session.

Telehealth Therapy Tips

Here are some more tips on how to have a successful telehealth therapy session.

  • Don’t have too many browsers open.
  • Don’t let anyone else on your network stream movies or games during your session.
  • Log on just a little early to make sure everything is working right.
  • Eliminate all distractions.
  • Work on naming your feelings; bodily cues aren’t as easy to read on camera.
  • Be honest about how teletherapy is going and how you feel about it.

With teletherapy, you can continue to work on your wellbeing without leaving your home. If you’re feeling stressed or anxious right now, Therapy Today has same-day teletherapy appointments available. Reach out today for an appointment, and use these tips to build familiarity with teletherapy.