The ability of therapists or counselors to see clients using video conferencing software, also known as telehealth, is changing the face of the industry and helping therapists reach their patients in new and convenient ways. While the introduction of telehealth has been particularly helpful during the COVID-19 pandemic, the benefits of this new method of delivering counseling will far surpass our current circumstances.

At Therapy Today, we offer online appointments using secure and HIPAA-compliant teleconferencing software.

Learn more about the benefits of teletherapy and find out if it’s right for you.

Telehealth Benefit 1: Ease of Entry

Statistics indicate the average number of in-person sessions attended by clients is: one. Clients attend one appointment and never come back. While the reasoning behind is still a mystery, there are a lot of theories behind why the first therapy appointment could be so stressful that clients choose not to return. Some of those reasons could be:

  • Traffic, parking
  • Finding the office
  • Arriving late
  • Stressful or crowded waiting rooms
  • The anxiety of leaving the house
  • Discomfort being seen at a therapist’s office
  • Missing work
  • New, unfamiliar settings

Telehealth Benefit 2: Consistency

After that first appointment, consistency is key. When you need to get to an office, regular life obstacles like lack of childcare, working late, illness, or bad weather could lead to a missed appointment. When you’re attending your appointment virtually, many of these factors won’t impact your session. A disturbed routine can make symptoms worse, but with telehealth, you’ll be able to speak to your therapist or counselor and receive care conveniently in your own home.

This consistency can also continue if a client moves to another state or city. Rather than starting over with a new doctor and potentially losing progress, a patient can continue to see the doctor they are comfortable with.

Telehealth Benefit 3: Expanded Reach

Telehealth allows therapists and counselors to reach individuals that may have previously been unreachable:

  • Those without transportation
  • Those in rural areas where travel to an office is not ideal
  • Those who can’t travel due to a physical or mental handicap
  • Those who have work schedules that conflict with therapist office hours

With telehealth, therapy does not have to be a luxury for those living close to offices or with personal transportation. Telehealth allows therapists and counselors to help those they could not previously help.

Telehealth Benefit 4: Eliminates the Waiting Room

For those diagnosed with anxiety or any other mental illnesses, the waiting room in any type of office can be a stressor. With increased stimulation like unfamiliar interactions and a new environment; it’s a situation that can exacerbate anxiety symptoms. With the introduction of telehealth, clients can attend an appointment from the comfort of their own home, in an environment that makes them feel safe and allows them to open up comfortably.

Telehealth Benefit 5: Germ-Free Appointments

For many patients with anxiety, their immune systems can be weakened due to constant stress. Being under the weather may prevent them from attending their appointment both to avoid spreading germs and because they may be unable to travel. Telehealth appointments eliminate the possibility of spreading germs and allow clients to receive care, even if they are sick.

These are just a few of the benefits of using telehealth to reach your counselor or therapist. If you are interested in learning more or scheduling an appointment, reach out today and let’s get started!